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THIN WHEELS | SS Pipe Cutting
Gemini Reinforced Cut-off Wheels offer a unique proposition of low thickness to enhance cutting efficiencies and found to be suitable on Riser cutting off applications. SiC Reinforced Cut-off Wheels for non ferrous applications.
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VERSA-CUT General Purpose Cut-Off
VERSA-CUT General Purpose Cut-Off Wheels. Designed to cut extremely fast and cool on all metals. VERSA-CUT wheels are constructed with a fiberglass reinforced resinoid bond for free cutting action. - Cutting tube, pipe, rails, rebar, and sheet metal - Trimming castings.
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Dynabrade Type 41 Reinforced Cut-Off Wheels
Used for a variety of applications, such as cutting sheet metal, pipe, drill bits, steel bar, tubing and metallurgical sectioning. Dynabrade Type 27 Depressed Center Wheels. Used for weld grinding and all metal fabrication applications.
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Small Diameter
Type 01/41 cut-off wheels are designed for traditional cut-off applications. All are supplied with full fiberglass reinforcing. 18. NORTON. Small Diameter Reinforced Cut-off. Cross reference guides Type 01/41 .035 - .125 cut-off Wheels FOR die grinders.
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Cut-off wheels make it easy to cut or slot bolts, screws, sheet metal, thin wood and plastic. Fiberglass reinforced cut-off wheels (456, 426, 426B) are for tough applications. The cut-off wheel cuts only along its edge.
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Cut-Off Wheel Tools
Cut-Off Wheel Tools. Air-Powered Cutting Tools, 3' Diameter. For Efficient Cutting of Sheet Metal, Frame Rails, Clamps, Bolts, etc. Coupler/plug page 228. FOR REINFORCED CUT-OFF WHEELS 3' (76 mm) diameter SEE PAGES 281, 293.
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Cutting-Off & Grinding Wheels
Wheels. Technical Information. Throughout the world, Flexovit cutting-off and grinding wheels are extensively used across a range of ..... DON'T use non- reinforced cutting-off wheels on portable machines. ✘ DON'T .... Thin sheets, pla tes p ro.
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Thin wheels | cut-off wheels
SiC Reinforced Cut-off Wheels for non ferrous applications. Bear Chopsaw Wheels are available for the new age light horsepower chopsaw machines. BDX range of Extra Thin Wheels in less than 2mm thickness for precision easy cutting.
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Stationary cut-off wheels
Conventional type. For stationary cut-off grinding, resinoid-bonded, fibre-reinforced cut-off wheels are used, which are essentially composed of four components: ➊ Abrasives ➋ Bond, which holds the abrasive grit in the.
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Grinding and cut-off wheels
Stationary cut-off wheels. For detailed information and ordering data for stationary. 207. Hand-held cut-off machines with an electric motor for cut-off wheels dia. 300-400 mm. Reinforced grinding wheels.
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