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Brake Pedal
Part tightened Brake pedal support x Body. Brake pedal support x Instrument panel reinforcement. Stop light switch. N*m 12.7 25.
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Bleed brakes in sequence. See BRAKELINE BLEEDING SEQUENCE table. After bleeding brakes, depress brake pedal with a force equal to an abrupt stop. If sponginess exists, repeat bleeding procedure.
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Brake Pedal
To minimize brake pedal rearward movement in case of a collision for extra safety, the shape of the brake pedal bracket has been changed. An impact absorbing area is provided at the side of the pedal bracket.
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Brake Pedal
2 Remove the brake pedal. 2. Scorpio '95. S Ensure that the servo push rod locates into the brake pedal slot correctly. 1 2 Refit the cross bolt and nut.
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Brake Pedal Ratios
Brake Pedal Ratios. You have learned that the brake hydraulic system increases both pressure and braking force. In the figures below, the brake pedal ratios are B to A or B/A. The brake pedal ratio is the ratio of the lengths of the lever arms on the pedal assembly.
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Brake Systems & Pedals
BRAKE PEDALS. REMARKS LEGEND -Vehicle i.d. (v) numbers: PA = 1993 model year; RA = 1994 my; SA = 1995 my. 1 CCN110LG CIRCLIP, brake pedal shaft Up to (v) PA; qty increases for Girling brakes.
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Brake pedal subassy
1. CHECK BRAKE PEDAL HEIGHT (a) Check the brake pedal height. Pedal height from dash panel: 166.1 − 176.1 mm (6.539 − 6.933 in.) NOTICE: Do not adjust the pedal height. Doing so by changing the push rod length will structurally change the pedal ratio.
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Brake pedal - assembly overview
Brake pedal travel must not be restricted by additional floor covering. 1 - Mounting bracket 2 - Pivot pin for clutch and brake pedal. Installation position: The groove (arrow) faces towards clutch pedal.
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After replacing brake pads, depress brake pedal
Front brakes - brake caliper Girling, servicing Note : „ After replacing brake pads, depress brake pedal several times firmly to properly seat brake pads in their normal operating position.
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Pedal Effort
Pedal Effort. Force Sensor. For Vehicle Brake Development, Driveability & Handling Test Applications. Highlights. n High overload protection (500% of FS) n Compact, with a 1.19 in (30.2 mm). Recommended Signal Conditioners for Series 1515-106 Brake Pedal Effort Sensors.
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