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Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment (SDcity.edu).
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DΘfinition | Composantes de l'émotion
8.2.1 L'expression faciale des émotions. « Le visage, premier reflet de L'émotion. « Joue le rôle le + important. La rétroaction faciale. « Certaines expressions du visage peuvent induire certaines émotions => effets sur le SNA.
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The Feeling Wheel
printed chart listing emotions.
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Free Book Binscombe Tales Volume Two [PDF] [EPUB]
Effects of age on detection of emotion 18 en, L. L. (1992). Social And Emotional Pa Tterns In Adulthood: Support For Socioemotional Carstensen, Jan 20th, 2018. Lightning Strike The Secret Mission To Kill Admiral ... File Type: PDF ...
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Developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox P - 0 . Box 48363. St. Petersburg. PL 33743.
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Emotion. by Richard H. Hall, 1998. Characteristics of Emotions. Although there are clearly many different types of emotions, they all have some common characteristics. First, emotions are largely non-purposeful and instinctive.
File link: http://web.mst.edu/~rhall/neuroscience/04_affect/emotion.pdf
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About Emotions
· All other emotions are made up by combining these basic 8 emotions. · Sometimes we have secondary emotions, an emotional reaction to an emotion. We learn these.
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The Emotion Code
The list of emotions that follows encompasses the range of human emotion. There are many more emotions in the dictionary besides the ones listed here, but we choose to use a simplied list to keep things easy and quick.
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Fostering Emotional Literacy in
Fostering Emotional Literacy in Young Children: Labeling Emotions. handout6.pdf). Emotional literacy facilitation can be incorporated into just about any classroom or 'while. you're at it' activity.
File link: http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/kits/wwbtk21.pdf
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Identifying Emotions in Faces
Jeremy Fox 9 Woodoak Lane Huntington, NY 11743 Stuyvesant High School 345 Chambers Street New York, NY 10282. J. Fox (2001) Identifying emotions in faces: A developmental study.
File link: http://www.psych.nyu.edu/pelli/docs/JeremyFoxIntel.pdf
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