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Brake Pedal
BRAKE PEDAL. CAUTION: Make sure that the stop lamp goes off when the pedal is released. 6. Start the engine and check the height of the brake pedal when depressing it.
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After bleeding brakes, depress brake pedal with a force equal to an abrupt stop. If sponginess exists, repeat bleeding procedure. Depress brake pedal with approximately 66 lbs. (30 kg) of load and measure from top of pedal pad to floorboard.
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Brake Pedal
2 Remove the brake pedal. 2. Scorpio '95. S Ensure that the servo push rod locates into the brake pedal slot correctly. 1 2 Refit the cross bolt and nut.
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Brake pedal subassy
1. CHECK BRAKE PEDAL HEIGHT (a) Check the brake pedal height. Pedal height from dash panel: 166.1 − 176.1 mm (6.539 − 6.933 in.) NOTICE: Do not adjust the pedal height. Doing so by changing the push rod length will structurally change the pedal ratio.
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Brake pedal - assembly overview
Brake pedal travel must not be restricted by additional floor covering. 1 - Mounting bracket 2 - Pivot pin for clutch and brake pedal. Installation position: The groove (arrow) faces towards clutch pedal.
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Brake Fluid
(3) Depress the brake pedal several times, then loosen the bleeder plug with the pedal depressed. (4) When the fluid stops coming out, tighten the bleed-er plug, and then release the brake pedal.
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Brake pedal sub-assy
2. CHECK PEDAL FREE PLAY (a) Stop the engine and depress the brake pedal several times until there is no more vacuum left in the booster. (b) Push in the pedal until the beginning of the resistance is felt.
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Brake System
02.pdf. contact with any painted surfaces. • Depressing the brake pedal with the reservoir cap. removed will cause the fluid to spray. HINT: • If any work is done on the brake system or if air in the.
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Brake Pedal Assembly Removal
Brake Pedal Assembly Removal You can now disconnect the two body harness electrical connectors from the column ignition switch. There are three plastic tabs that need to be depressed in order to disengage them from the switch.
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Description & operation | brake pedal free play
Adjust push rod on power brake unit until there is no clearance between push rod and adjuster gauge screw. Parking/emergency brake. 1. On models with rear disc brakes, depress brake pedal several times.
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